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I received excellent training in couples counseling from several experts in the field of family/couple psychology. My work is based on both a humanistic and an empirical model. This means that I stay abreast of the latest scientific information about what makes a healthy relationship function well, and utilize this information to help my clients in a direct but empathetic manner. My approach is active, meaning that I will provide concrete goals and strategies to aid each client in identifying how he/she can change certain behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, to improve satisfaction in the relationship. But be warned, creating a healthy couples relationship requires that one look inward!

Individual Therapy for Adults and Teens

I really enjoy working with individuals in psychotherapy who are truly interested in understanding themselves, and working towards active change. I draw from several schools of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral, object relations, and family systems. Taken together, this means that my approach in psychotherapy is empathic, supportive, educational, AND challenging. Making changes in behavior is difficult, but immensely rewarding!

Family Therapy/Parent Therapy –for help with parenting issues

Children benefit greatly from having parents who are educated about their issues/diagnosis/dysfunction, and adjusting their style accordingly. Undoubtedly, different children have different needs, and adjusting parenting style to each child may not come naturally. In other words, what works well for one child may not work well for a sibling. In addition, parenting a child with a mental health condition can be extremely tiring and challenging. Parents will likely benefit from getting as much information, support, and feedback as possible.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are highly treatable conditions. With the right kind of intervention it is often possible to reduce uncomfortable feelings in just a few weeks. I utilize a method of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This approach helps you to take control of your thoughts in order to positively affect your feelings. In addition, medication may be warranted, but this is a decision to discuss together and weigh carefully. If medication is warranted I will refer you to a psychiatrist whom I know and trust, and we will work together as a team.

Postpartum Depression and Women’s Issues

I also treat postpartum and post-miscarriage depression. These conditions can be disorienting and debilitating; women often feel as if their feelings have been hijacked by hormones. I have helped many women cope with this roller coaster of emotions, which often includes frequent crying spells, despair, and feeling out of control. It is important to know that you do not need to suffer, help IS available. Supportive and educational counseling can be very useful and validating.

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